1. Just remembering the good times that Jason, George and I had. Jason was a good friend and is still missed.

  2. i will always remember Jason,he was one of my best friends in HighSchool.I was an exchange student from Norway-who also joined the cross country ski-team with him and Ron Vandekrol and lots of other that i still miss.I have not been in U.S since highschool and it is 30 years ago since i went back from Laramie,first i was an exchange student in Utah,transfering early wintertime,to Laramie High School just to join the ski-team and remember that we got second place in(or forth) LaramieState Championship in relay,which jason was a part of the team which i also was(sorry bout my english-havent spoken since age of 17).
    for the family and friends of Jason,i will just say that i shall keep Jason in my heart,and from time to time I remember him with great joy but also i feel a kind of sad nostalgy keeping in mind that i so much regret not coming back to america for visiting.I have thought about it but it just became a thought.(I changed my birth name some years ago due to my career in music as a professional drummer-i was given the name Lars Kristiansen at birth,you remember me as him – if you still do remember that little red haired guy from Norway running cross country skiing with Bill Hakonsen)
    Love you my friends of Laramie.
    Miss you
    Tamlin Lindberg
    Class of 84-85

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