Cards and Letters Received On Jason’s Behalf…

Jason was one of the best people I’ve known and I will miss him, especially
fishing those “secret” beaver ponds. Jason was the best friend a man can ever
come across in this brief stint. I loved him dearly + he was always there for
me in tough times and I did what I could to reciprocate. I will always hold a
special place for him in my heart and all the times we shared.

-Friend, Chris Baxter, Laramie.

Jason is a good man and we will all miss him. I always looked up to him,
especially since he was a ‘computer guy’ like myself.

-First cousin, Josh Laughtland, Boise, ID.

You have been like family to us. Jason is and always will be my friend and
will hold a special place in our heart.

-Friends to Jason, Chuck, and Sandy,
former student to Chuck, Jim and CJ Truesdale, Laramie.

I’m so very sorry to hear about Jason. I have great affection for him and
fond memories of his visits to Pine Bluffs, Donovan, and the lab. I can’t
think of a single unkind word he ever said, but instead remember many times
that he made my day with only a few words and a smile.

-Former student and field/lab tech for Chuck
who also worked a summer with Jason,
Laura Scheiber, Bloomington, IN.

I will always remember Jason. Our boys as they skied, having fun at our
cabin. Like so many others who were drawn to Jason by his charm, courage, and
warmth, I am deeply grieved and bewildered by his unexpected death. I
remember our trip together to California. The world has lost someone special.

-Chuck and Sandy’s first cousin, Liz Reher, Cheyenne.

We will also miss Jason. He was such a part of our young years in

-Colleagues to Chuck and friends of the family,
Marcel Kornfeld and Mary Lou Larson, Laramie.

I will always remember Jason most of all as my sharp little intro student!

-Colleague and Anthropology teacher, George Gill, Laramie.

Gary and I both knew Jason and really thought the world of him. He played on
our dart team for a couple of years and we really enjoyed being around him.

-Friends, Gary and Mary Hopkins, Laramie.

I was very sad when I heard that Jason had passed away. I remember enjoying
an Archaeology dig camp with him when we were both in probably our early
teens. We also enjoyed some humorous experiences together working for the
Records and Registration Office at UW when we were some years older. Jason
was a nice guy and fun to know.

-Friend, Carlos Kelly, Fort Meyers, FL.

I always liked Jason and will remember him as full of life, always willing to
try new things.

-Friend to Chuck and Sandy, babysitter of Jason in
Albuquerque, Bob Hitchcock, Lincoln, NE.

So sorry to hear of your loss of Jason, such a vivacious joy he was wherever
he went and whoever he met.

-Friend of the family, Thelma Harrell,

I was shocked, dismayed to hear of Jason’s passing. I remember him, and
always will, as being full of life and curiosity.

-Friend of the family, Bill Latady,
who Jason referred to as “Big Bird,”
because of his height, Aurora, MN.

I was impressed with the service for Jason. I did not have the pleasure of
ever meeting him, but I was impressed by his many accomplishments in life. He
was an adventurer and seemed to have so many friends who loved him.

-Sandy’s friend, Olive Thomas, Laramie.

We are deeply saddened to hear about Jason. By all accounts he was an
outstanding and caring person. There must be some comfort in knowing that you
raised a truly wonderful son who touched many people.

-Friend to Chuck, The Cannons, Lincoln, NE.

Jason grew up with the Santoro family. His best friend was Timmy, though he was a friend to Marilyn, Stephen and Heather. He was adaptable and natural. He was always there when we needed him. He had an amazing sense of the natural world. He had the best sense of direction I’ve ever seen and told the best stories like a natural storyteller does. Best of all, he was easygoing and liked a simple kind of life. We loved him.

-The Santoros

I enjoyed knowing Jason in college and was very saddened by his passing. I was unaware of this web site until it was mentioned to me. Unfortunately, I had lost contact with Jason and didn’t learn of his passing until a year or so after it happened. The thing that I most enjoyed about Jason was that he was extremely upbeat. It seems like in many ways he was an anomoly in engineering which is known for being severe and studious. Jason was the opposite. He had a very jovial approach to life. I remember studying for finals in some class – I think it was called Electrical Machinery. Jason and I both had a tendency to do as little studying as possible. It was this unfortunate set of events that brought us together to cram for the final in this class. I remember the subject matter was pretty dry. It entailed distinguishing minor details in the construction of different electricmotors and changing the phase equations to suit the different motors. I remember it was awful hard to study because Jason was so fun loving that it was easy to just sit around a laugh. However, we did manage to sit down and get through some of the material. It seemed Jason never really had to try too hard to master the material. On the other hand, it became pretty laborious for me to get through the subject matter. As per usual, Jason managed to fly through the exam. I’m sure I managed to pass because I did graduate. However, I was a little envious of the fact that Jason seemed to master this stuff with relative ease. I have a lot of memories of him in engineering. I also remember him as being a great down hill skier (compared to me). I wll certainly continue to miss him. He was gone too soon!

-Lyle Howard

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